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Report: Charlotte in country's top ten for smog

Charlotte–The Charlotte area has had more unhealthy air days in 2011 than all but seven other cities nationwide, according to a new Environment North Carolina Research & Policy Center report released today at Plaza Presbyterian Weekday School in Plaza-Midwood.  The analysis, Danger in the Air: Unhealthy Air Days in 2010 and 2011, also showed that under the more protective smog standard President Obama delayed early this month, the number of days officially considered unhealthy to breathe in Charlotte could more than double.

News Release | Environment North Carolina

Rush to drill and frack halted, for now

Raleigh—In a temporary victory for the state’s beaches and for waterways like the Deep River, lawmakers adjourned today without voting to override Gov. Perdue’s veto of a controversial bill that promotes offshore drilling and onshore “fracking.”

News Release | Environment North Carolina

Gov. Perdue vetoes anti-environment bills

Raleigh—Drawing praise from Environment North Carolina and other advocates, Gov. Perdue today vetoed two controversial anti-environmental bills approved by the General Assembly in the final hours of their session.   

News Release | Environment North Carolina

This Earth Day, electeds and advocacy groups stand together for the environment

Raleigh--On the eve of the 41st Earth Day, with many of our core environmental laws under attack in both Raleigh and Washington, Environment North Carolina stood with U.S. Congressmen David Price and Brad Miller, along with NC Representative Jennifer Weiss, to speak out against these threats to North Carolina’s air, water, land and quality of life.

News Release | Environment North Carolina

House budget guts critical conservation programs

RALEIGH – State conservation and environmental leaders say that the impacts of the proposed House budget would be dire for the environment—eroding protections for air quality, rivers and streams, and green spaces statewide.