Sen. Kay Hagan Calls for Action on Climate

For Immediate Release

Washington, DC—Yesterday evening on the Senate floor, North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan made an impassioned speech on the threat of global warming to North Carolina’s future. Dave Rogers, Field Director with Environment North Carolina, issued the following statement in response:

“Sen. Hagan showed yesterday that she understands the urgency of addressing global warming. She understands what failing to act could mean for North Carolina’s famous coastline and our agricultural heritage. Given the PR campaign by the dirty energy industry to spread junk science and deny climate change, we thank the senator for standing up with science and speaking the truth.”

“As Senator Hagan said, the next step is acting. That means cleaning up our power plants – America’s number one source of carbon pollution – and shifting to more clean energy like wind, solar, and energy efficiency. As she also noted, North Carolina is already taking steps in the right direction – a new report from Environment North Carolina shows that clean energy policies like our renewable energy standard have reduced carbon pollution in North Carolina equivalent to taking 562,500 cars off the road each year.

“More of North Carolina’s elected leaders should join Sen. Hagan and support action to fight climate change, so that we can protect our children’s future from the worst impacts of global warming.”