North Carolina Dads Ask Pres. Obama to Take Action on Global Warming

For Immediate Release


Raleigh, NC – As Father’s Day approaches, North Carolina dads are joining dads across the nation in sending a video plea to President Obama to take action on global warming.

“President Obama has said that he wants to fight global warming because he’s concerned about his daughters and their future,” said Dave Rogers, Field Director for Environment North Carolina “Dads across North Carolina, and across the country, feel the same way, and they made their voices heard through these videos.” 

With sea levels rising faster in North Carolina than most other parts of the world, North Carolina is already feeling the impacts of a warming world. And earlier this week, the International Energy Agency announced that carbon emissions went up by 1.4 percent worldwide last year, which could mean catastrophic temperature increases if we don’t act now.

Power plants are the single largest source of the carbon pollution that fuels global warming.

“President Obama would really be the ‘world’s #1 dad’ if he put strong standards in place to limit carbon pollution from new and existing power plants,” Rogers concluded. “North Carolina dads, and dads across the country, are counting on him to help protect their kids from the worst consequences of global warming.”