Environment North Carolina applauds governor's cautious approach on fracking

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Raleigh, NC—Governor Perdue announced today a new interagency panel tasked with further study of the controversial form of gas drilling known as “fracking.”  Environment North Carolina applauded the governor’s cautious approach.

“Fracking poses inherent threats to our water and our air,” said Environment North Carolina Elizabeth Ouzts.  “Further study of these dangers is the only sensible step forward when it comes to this risky form of drilling.”

Fracking, short for “hydraulic fracturing,” is the process by which water, sand, and toxic chemicals are injected into wells at high pressure.  Currently illegal in North Carolina, it’s caused water and air pollution in the states where it is prevalent.

Governor Perdue’s executive order contrasts sharply with legislation introduced last week by state Senator Bob Rucho, whose proposal would legalize the practice of fracking in two years.

“We’re particularly grateful to see that the Governor hasn’t embraced Sen. Rucho’s extreme approach, which is to barrel ahead without any evidence that the safety of our drinking water can be guaranteed.”

A recent poll showed that 63% of North Carolinians support further study of fracking’s potential impacts, versus 31% who support legalizing it now. 

“I suspect that the more evidence is gathered, the clearer it will become that fracking just isn’t worth the risk,” said Ouzts.