Environment North Carolina
Jesslyn Ferentz

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - This week, Environment North Carolina will be canvassing southeastern NC to inform communities about the importance of protecting the bee population.

“We’re trying to save the bees and our food supply," said field manager Toni Houston. "Bees are dying at unprecedented rates right now and they are responsible for pollinating some of our favorite foods. If we do lose our bees, we’ll be losing everything from strawberries to coffee. That’s why we are trying to enact a statewide ban on pesticides that are killing our bees.”

The team of five from Environment NC will be going door to door in several communities asking for donations, signatures for a petition, and also making the public aware of what can help the bee population thrive and their position is on the issues at hand.

“It won’t be an easy fight,” said Houston. “We do have a lot of opposition from chemical companies like Dow. They are working hard to defeat bans like this."

The team will be visiting homes in the Wilmington zip codes of 28401 and 28403. The group said it believes this is a small step in the fight to protect the pollinator.

Environment NC has been pushing House Bill 559/Senate Bill 496, the Pollinator Protection Act, in the North Carolina General Assembly.

This act would ban consumer sale and use of a harmful group of insecticides called neonics.

To sign the petition to save the bees, click here.