Local leaders are taking action to protect our climate, and not just in so-called "blue states."

For our national network’s second event at September's Global Climate Action Summit in California, we hosted state, business and local leaders to share stories of climate progress where some might least expect it. The stories shared included St. Petersburg, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia, committing to 100 percent renewable power and electricity, respectively; North Carolina ranking third in the country for solar energy growth over the last 10 years; and Virginia moving to increase its energy efficiency and renewable resources.

“The reality is that states and localities in all regions recognize the problem and are bringing their communities into a clean energy future,” said Andrea McGimsey, senior director of our national network's Global Warming Solutions campaign.

Climate change recognizes no partisan boundaries. At least in some Southeastern states and cities, leaders are realizing that neither should our response to it.


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Photo: Solar panels on a farm in Louisa, Virginia. Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture.