Given the alarming ways our climate is changing, doesn't it make sense for automakers to focus on making cars that pollute far less, if at all?

On Oct. 26, Environment North Carolina and our national network showed the Trump administration that 350,000 Americans think so. Together with our coalition partners, we delivered that many public comments to the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration opposing plans to roll back federal Clean Cars Standards. Transportation is already our No. 1 source of climate-altering pollution. By freezing the standards at 2020 levels, the plan would lock in more dirty air and global warming pollution.

"With the latest research telling us we have 12 years to significantly slash global warming emissions, we need to move forward, not pull a U-turn,” said Andrea McGimsey, senior director of our national network's Global Warming Solutions campaign.

We're also calling on state leaders to promote zero-emission electric vehicles.

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Photo: Morgan Folger, director of our national network's Clean Car Communities campaign, and Emma Shumway, an associate with our network's Conservation America campaign, delivered thousands of public comments in support of federal Clean Cars Standards to the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration. Credit: Staff