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Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency recently passed a rule that diminished regulations on bodies of water in North Carolina, which produce over half of the state's drinking water. This new rule puts North Carolina's wetlands and water bodies at risk and opens our communities to the risk of contaminated drinking waters and increased flooding. 


Environment North Carolina Reserach and Policy Center released a report called "Trouble in the Air" that describes the air quality for cities in the country in 2018. Durham and Chapel Hill had higher than normal ozone levels for 90 days and that same report shows that Raleigh had 75 such days. 


A federal decision to roll back Clean Water Act protections could affect water quality in central North Carolina – everything from drinking water to algae in lakes. The policy change, signed by heads of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, narrows the types of waterways that qualify for federal protection under the half-century-old law.

News Release | Environment North Carolina Research and Policy Center

Raleigh, North Carolina with over 1,362,540 people suffered through 75 days of poor air quality due to air pollution in 2018, according to a new report from Environment North Carolina Research & Policy Center, Frontier Group and NCPIRG Education Fund. Statistics from 2018 represent the most recent data available. Air pollution increases the risk of premature death, asthma attacks and other adverse health impacts.

Report | Environment North Carolina Research and Policy Center

People across America regularly breathe polluted air that increases their risk of premature death, and can also trigger asthma attacks and other adverse health impacts.


We’ve lost a colleague and friend.

Ed Johnson, president of Environment America, our national network of state environmental groups, and director of our network's outreach and citizen engagement programs, has passed away. A remembrance of Ed’s life and work.